About us

The web application has been developed for you in collaboration with IIT Delhi and Marconi Society. We decided to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to create a top-quality application that clearly displays air pollution data from around the Delhi and allows you to monitor pollution for any part of Delhi.


10 k+
Pollution related Death toll/year.
Of Delhi school children have reduced lung function compared to other Indian cities.
WHO ranked Delhi as most polluted city.
$560 billion
Lost in India due to air pollution.
Trucks plying daily.
Cigarettes you smoke if you live in Delhi.

We have multiple ways to protect you

Real time forecasting

We provide air pollution information upto 24 hours in advance as well as historical data to understand causes and effects

Real time graphs

We display real time and future graphs for air pollutants to help you understand the change and effects.

Source Identification

We provide the source of pollution and different ways for protecting you.

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